Past Projects

Room for failure by Mitchell Janiak

Director: Dylan Brenton
Starring: Kailea Banka, Mallory Fisher, Laura Harding, Nicole Hrgetic, Kate McArthur, Nikolas Nikita, Madeline Smith
Production Team:  Deanna Choi, Noah Fever, Mitchell Janiak, Kate Stenson, Michael Wojitas
Room for Failure  ran May 13th - 19th, 2016  at the Avondale United Church in Stratford, ON as part of the SpringWorks festival.

Mary and Silvia find themselves in a room with no idea as to how they got there, what they're supposed to do, or how to get out. They soon come to realize that they have become wrapped up in a crumbling system designed to perpetuate failure. Riddled with philosophy, boxes, daffodils, and terrible agony and misery, Room for Failure is a journey into the absurd. This new work by Mitchell Janiak observes our need for failure, the impositions of failure we put on ourselves and examines the human condition in a uniquely isolated world. While radically absurd, the heart of the piece is about embracing our situation in order to move forward while carrying along our own individual hardships. The only way out is through.



Richard III - Shakespeare

Director: Mallory Fisher
Starring: Emma Anderson, Dylan Brenton, Jade Douris, Meghan Greeley, Jeff Hanson, Laura Harding, Edward Hillier, Kate McArthur, Nikolas Nikita
Production Team: Dylan Brenton, Jade Douris, Elizabeth Elliot, Hugh Ritchie, Kate Stenson
Richard III ran March 2-13, 2016  at the Tarragon Theatre Workspace.

Richard III tells the compelling history of the reign of the villain king, his ascent to the throne, and the dynamics of family, war, and power. This production shows Wolf Manor at the peak of their experimentation. 
The production is set in the animal kingdom along us to strip down societal conventions and watch these high class people behave with full, blood thirsty intent. We witness Richard show his cunning, wit and charm
as he negotiates his way to head of the pack. This highly bloody and dynamically physical approach allows us to crack open in the text in a way that serves both the understanding of the story and the compelling theatre

that the company seeks to create.

This production was made possible by the generous support of the Tarragon Theatre Workspace. This is a Canadian Actors’ Equity Production under the Artists’ Collective Policy.

Shrinking Violet by Anna Fraser

Director: Victoria Houser
Starring:  Anna Fraser, Nicole Hrgetic, Hugh Ritchie Harrison Tanner, Meg Webster
Production Team: Dylan Brenton, Maria Colasante
Shrinking Violet ran Sept 3rd - 13th at Fort Massey in Halicax, NS as part of the Atlantic Fringe Festival.

Shrinking Violet tells the story of Jane and her new best friend ‘Ana.’ While all Jane wants is the attention of Sam, a sweet heart saxophone player at school, Ana has different plans. The manifestation of Jane’s eating disorder literally pulls her away from her overworked single mother and brewing romantic life. This darkly comedic piece sheds light on seldom discussed issue by giving both victim and disease a voice.

“It is not about ‘a girl struggling to be thin,’” says playwright and Collective alumna Anna Fraser. “It is about her relationship to the disorder and how others around her experience this violent battle.”

This piece was  workshopped at the New Voices festival in 2015, under the guidance of Sheldon Rosen.


Director: Claren Grosz
Starring: Marc Andre-Blanchard, Dylan Brenton, Laura Katherine Hayes, Nicole Hrgetic, Scott Kuipers, Hugh Ritchie, Jemma Robinson, Sarah Marchand, Vanessa Trenton
Production Team:  Kennedy Brooks, Elizabeth Elliot, Laura Paduch, Kate Stenson
Macbeth ran May 21st - 31st, 2015 at the Alumnae Studio Theatre.

This bloody story of ruthless ambition displays a Scotland torn apart by war, where chaos reigns and power is for the seizing. But how much is determined by destiny, and how much is due to agency? How much is really in our hands to control? Are our characters agents of free will, or are their choices shaped by a culture which glorifies war heroes and romanticizes violence? A small ensemble of 9 brave actors dauntlessly take on the task of conjuring this powerful story for the stage. This production showcases Wolf Manor's exploration of physical theatre work amongst classical storytelling while pushing forward our mandate of feminist focused theatre work.




.Director: Dylan Brenton
Starring: Anna Fraser, James Karfilis, Konstantina Mantelos, Hugh Ritchie, Tom Sinclair
Production Team: Sorcha, Gibson, Krista Gorizzan, Giordan Sora, Kate Stenson, Nic Vincent
Macbeth ran June 18th - 21st, 2014 at the Abbrams Studio Theatre.

Five actors take on upwards of thirty characters in Shakespeare's CAESAR.
This story looks at the boldest political assassination of all time. We witness the swift rise to power of the great Julius Caesar, the betrayal by his closest ally Marcus Brutus, the conspiring of the stark Caius Cassius, the blunt Casca drawing first blood, the promise of justice from Marc Antony and the immense shift of power that brings Octavius Caesar to the head of Rome and the building of the Roman Empire. All in under 100 minutes. This show began the stylistic creation and branding of a Wolf Manor show. The use of a small ensemble to create a massive piece of work holds at the core of the company's values.