about us

Theatre built to roam

 Raw and visceral theatre in stylized and fluent design,
developed by emerging and professional artists.

Meet the artists of our collective

Wolf Manor Theatre Collective are a Toronto based theatre production company, formed by professional & emerging Canadian Artists. The company is built on the grounds of professionalism and ambition cultivated among young artists. Our interest is in exploring theatrical work which stimulate a diverse audience through stylized takes on classical text, explorative contemporary work and newly devised theatre. All our work is conceived by a small ensemble, in simple and creative design. Our goal is to cultivate theatre of such fluent construction that it may be relocated from space to space; allowing for presentations in diverse venues and touring productions. Our emphasis on accessibility seeks to create an engaging theatrical experience for non- conventional or new theatre goers, particularly high school students. In addition to full scale productions, the company also engages in youth outreach, offering workshops for adolescents and young adults interested in professional careers in the arts. Wolf Manor are seeking to contribute to the growing need for inclusion, diversity and opportunity in the Canadian performance industry.