Welcome to our 2017 journey


Our first ever season

We are ready for something big. After 3 years Wolf Manor would like to share with you our most ambitious projects to date. With four shows scheduled in the upcoming year we would like to invite you to share in our study on the human experience, and primarily our need for attention, affection and acceptance.

danny and the deep blue sea by john patrick shanley

 Photo by Burke Campbell

Photo by Burke Campbell

January 13th - 22nd 2016
Playing at The Imperial Pub, ROUND Venue
Starring Bria McLaughlin as Roberta & Dylan Brenton as Danny
Directed by Anthony Perpure

Shanley's troubling tale of love takes on the form of a touring punk band in three bars during the bitter months of the winter. Feel the world drown around Roberta & Danny as the two ravished souls seek for something beyond dejected lives in a crumbling city before  they too are swallowed up.


 Photo by James March

Photo by James March

March 15th - 26th
Kensington Hall
Directed by Mallory Fisher
Starring Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski*, Arinea Hermans*, Christina Fox, Dana Puddicombe*, Jordin Hall, Kaleb Horn, Meghan Greeley, Nikolas Nikita, Scott McCulloch*

Anton Chekhov’s turn-of-the-century domestic drama focuses on three sisters who struggle with the boredom of a provincial Russian garrison town, and desire to return to Moscow in order to escape the familial claustrophobia. Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters is a sweeping exploration of vanquished desire, family, death, and legacy. We reimagine this classic in a gender-fluid dreamscape. By exploring unconventional casting, we redefine and explore contemporary relevance amongst the timeless story.

**Appear with permission of Canadian Actors Equity Association under the Artist Collective Policy.


May 17 - 28
Kensington Hall
Starring Felix Beauchamp, Kevin Kashani, Maddalena Vallecchi Williams, Megan Miles, Melanie Leon
Directed by Dylan Brenton
Music Direction by James Karfilis

Wolf Manor's reinvigorated production imagines the play set transiently throughout history. As Director, Dylan Brenton's (The Expanse12 Monkeys, Dauntless City Theatre, Perchance Theatre) production digs through the sands of time we uncover humanities demands for leadership and revolution while exploring the duality of public virtue and private vice within all of us. Five actors fluently build the world of over 30 characters who demonstrate the impact the actions of very few have on the lives of many. As Wolf Manor’s eighth production since 2014, CAESAR excavates this play from it's history and ferociously tackles the Shakespearean epic with contemporary significance.


DEC 2017

This production is aiming to unify the lethal language of Shakespeare's epic classic and the development of Hip-Hop culture in North America.
We are looking for directors & artists with interest in both subjects eager to explore and build a unique world in which to play.
Cast size is restricted between 5 and 9 actors. This show will be performed at a (or several) site specific venue(s) which speak to the nature of our story.
Artistic Director, Dylan Brenton will assist in a dramaturgical capacity as we cultivate the show.
Directors are asked to prepare a brief conceptual synopsis and propose potential venues for the work in their submission. We will aim to see as many applicants as possible. Note that our goal as company is to generate increasing amounts of work for female identifying artists, and we are mandated to increase the ethnic diversity or professional and emerging artists working in Canadian Theatre
Submit to director@wolfmanortheatre.ca